Mariska Mallee

heeft een tentoonstelling in het Atrium in Den Haag van vrijdag 16 november t/m vrijdag 23 november. Ze doet mee aan een internationale tentoonstelling 'Show Your Hope'. De opening was vrijdag 16 november 2007.

We will make a journey around the world and ask 80 questions in places we visit. This journey will take several years and we travel with an old DAF truck, ones made in our hometown.
We will publish information about this journey live on the internet and we will make analyzes about the similarities and differences of the answers. We will create a document that will give a wide contemporary view on how the people of this planet think about the planet as it is, and the hope that is left. And we will give impressions from many who work with international relations.

'We will show the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE. This is a traveling story telling exhibition with over 200 paintings made by international artists, specially for this mobile and global exhibition.
Public presentations will be held throughout the period of te project. Supported by the paintings, that can be easily attached to the vehicle with velcro system, universal stories from the world, about hope, will be told to the audience. Traditional tricks will be used to stimulate interaction with the audience.'

Mariska Mallee voor haar schilderijpaneel.

The World in Randstad is a selection containting three selections; in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. It is inspired by the large amount of artists from these cities that participate with the mobile global exhibition since 'the world in Holland' selection.